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Student Swept Away by River in Yangshila, Kerabari on Way to School

June 25, 2024
Away by River in Yangshila, Kerabari
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An 11-year-old boy, Shyam Rai, son of Chitra Bahadur Rai from Yangshila in Kerabari Rural Municipality, Morang, lost his life after being swept away by the Govine River while on his way to school.

According to Ward President Shiva Prasad Tamang, Shyam’s body was found around 100 meters downstream from where he was swept away, at approximately 9:00 am. Shyam was a grade 6 student at Janakalyan Secondary School in Kerabari-4 Chiuri Bhanjyang.

Reports indicate that the journey from Yangshila to the school takes about an hour. Tragically, Shyam was not alone while crossing the flooded river. It is reported that five or six children attempted to cross the river together, and Shyam was the only one who was swept away by the strong currents. The other students managed to make it safely across.

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This incident highlights the dangers posed by flooded rivers, especially for young children. It serves as a stark reminder for all to exercise caution around such waterways, particularly during monsoon season.

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