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Snakebite Claims Young Life in Kachankawal, Jhapa, Nepal

June 26, 2024
Snakebite Jhapa

Tragedy struck Kachankawal Rural Municipality in Jhapa district on Tuesday afternoon when a 12-year-old girl succumbed to a snakebite.

Manisha Rajbanshi, daughter of Hari Prasad Rajbanshi from Ward No. 3, was bitten by a snake while removing a table from a storage room within her residence. According to the family, quoted by police, the snake was venomous.

Despite rushing Manisha to B&C Hospital Birtamod for treatment, she died tragically on the way.

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This incident highlights the ongoing threat of snakebites in Kachankawal, a region known for its high snake population. Locals have unfortunately faced similar losses year after year. While a snakebite treatment center exists in the area, its effectiveness in preventing such fatalities requires further investigation.

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