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Sindhuli Police Bust Major Marijuana Haul

June 23, 2024
Sindhuli Police Bust

In a significant drug bust, Sindhuli police seized a staggering 615 kilograms of marijuana from Hariharpurgadhi rural municipality on Sunday morning.

The operation unfolded in Chisapani, located within Ward 7 of the municipality. Officers from the Kapilakot Area Police Office apprehended 46-year-old Kumar Pakhrin, a resident of Udayapur Katari-6, in possession of illegal drugs.

Sindhuli Police Chief, SP Govindaraj Kafle, confirmed the seizure and the arrest. He added that both the confiscated marijuana and Pakhrin himself are currently under investigation.

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This incident marks another significant development in Sindhuli’s ongoing battle against drug trafficking. SP Kafle pointed out that the district has witnessed a consistent rise in large-scale marijuana seizures over the past three years.

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