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RPP Nepal to Demonstrate in Kathmandu on Chait 1st

February 22, 2024
RPP Nepal to Demonstrate

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP Nepal) has announced it will hold a massive public demonstration in Kathmandu on the 1st of Chait (approximately March 14th/15th). The party aims to launch a mass movement focused on several key objectives:

  • Ending corruption within the political system
  • Re-establishing Nepal as a Hindu state and reinstating the monarchy
  • Abolishing the current provincial government structure
  • Seeking justice for those exploited by high-interest loans, microfinance institutions, and corrupt cooperatives

RPP Nepal General Minister Rajaram Bertaula confirmed the demonstration date during a party meeting in Kathmandu. Party President Kamal Thapa emphasized the need for a broad nationalist alliance, stating that a decisive movement and strong organizational efforts are crucial for success.

Thapa believes a united front is necessary for the movement to achieve its goals and avoid becoming merely symbolic. The party plans regional gatherings and smaller meetings within the Kathmandu Valley in preparation for the major demonstration.

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