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Rabid Dog Bites Multiple People in Belbari, Morang

July 11, 2024
Belbari Dog Bites
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A rabid dog caused panic in Belbari, Morang on Thursday morning, leaving nine people injured. The incident occurred around 9:30 am in Belbari Municipality.

The dog attacked both people and domestic animals in the area. Those bitten included people working around their homes and pedestrians. According to Belbari municipality spokesperson Tek Bahadur Rai, the victims included elderly individuals, adults, and a young child.

Here’s a list of the injured:

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  • Padam Bahadur Ghising (85 years old) – bitten on the mouth
  • Sabitri Ghising (80 years old) – bitten on the right hand and thigh
  • Dhanmaya Magar (85 years old) – bitten on the right wrist
  • Dil Bahadur Gurung (62 years old) – bitten on the mouth
  • Tulsi Prasad Dahal (71 years old) – bitten on the mouth
  • Tilak Bahadur Shrestha (53 years old)
  • Fibunanda Lawati (45 years old)
  • Hari Chandra Karki (34 years old)
  • Milan Rai (33 years old)

All nine individuals received treatment at Koshi Hospital in Biratnagar. The dog was not captured and was killed by locals in the area bordering Belbari-1 and 3. Authorities are currently searching for the dog’s owner.

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