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Police Identify Suspects in Deadly Lalitpur Holi Fight

March 26, 2024
Deadly Lalitpur Holi Fight

Lalitpur police have released the names of four suspects arrested in connection with a deadly fight that broke out during Holi celebrations on Sunday. The violent incident, resulting in two deaths, occurred at a restaurant in Dholahiti, Lalitpur Metropolitan City-26.

During a press conference, the District Police Range, Lalitpur identified the suspects as Bijay Rai, owner of the restaurant and originally from Sakela Rural Municipality-2, Khotang; Sulab Rai, also from Sakela Rural Municipality-2, Khotang; Bishal Hang Makarung of Bhojpur; and Chengbhihang Rai from Gokarneshwor, Kathmandu. Police are actively searching for an additional suspect.

Authorities disclosed that Bijay Rai has a previous criminal history, having served two years in prison for drug-related offenses. All suspects face murder charges stemming from the deadly altercation.

Police investigations continue with an additional eight individuals apprehended for potential involvement in the incident.

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