Over 980,000 Opt for Electronic Passports in Nepal This Fiscal Year

May 26, 2024
Electronic Passports Nepal

The growing convenience of electronic passports (e-passports) is reflected in Nepal’s issuance figures. According to the economic survey released by the Ministry of Finance on Sunday, over 980,000 e-passports have been issued so far in the current fiscal year ending(2081 Falgun) February 2024. This marks a significant increase compared to the previous year, which saw 1.43 million traditional passports issued.

E-passports offer several advantages over traditional passports, making them a popular choice for Nepali travelers. Here are some of the key benefits:

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  • Enhanced Security: E-passports contain embedded chips with biometric data like fingerprints, making them more tamper-proof and difficult to forge compared to traditional passports.
  • Faster Processing: E-passports can potentially streamline the immigration process at airports equipped with electronic gates, reducing wait times for travelers.
  • Durability: E-passports are generally more durable than traditional passports, withstanding wear and tear better due to their chip-based technology.

The surge in e-passport adoption highlights their growing appeal among Nepali citizens. With their increased security, efficiency, and durability, e-passports are likely to become the preferred travel document in the years to come.

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