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New Road Network Connects Koshi Province to China

February 23, 2024
Koshi Province to China

A new road connecting China’s Tiptala Pass to Nepal’s Koshi Province has officially opened, establishing a significant land route between the two nations. The road also connects with India at the Jogbani border in Morang.

China constructed the initial 35-kilometer track to the Olangchungola area in Nepal’s Phaktanglung Rural Municipality four years ago. Nepal has since extended the road to reach the border, completing the connection.

This development marks a milestone for the Fengling-Tamor Corridor and highlights Nepal’s growing connectivity with its neighbors. The road, built along the Tamor River, follows the Mulghat-Dovan-Olangchungola route.

While the track is now open, further work is planned to improve the road’s condition. The construction project, which began in 2065 BS (approximately 2008), was declared a national priority in 2067 BS (around 2010).

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