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Nepal and China to Discuss Border Issues After 18 Years

June 17, 2024
Nepal and China

Nepal and China are set to discuss border issues for the first time in nearly two decades. A meeting of the Joint Expert Group on Borders will be held next week in Beijing from June 19th to 20th.

This development marks a significant step in maintaining positive relations between the two countries.

Key Points:

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  • Meeting Details: The Nepali delegation will be led by Prakash Joshi, Director General of the surveying department, and include representatives from various ministries. Hong Liang, Director General of China’s Department of Border and Ocean Affairs, will lead the Chinese delegation.
  • Last Meeting: The last meeting of the Joint Experts Group took place in Kathmandu 18 years ago.
  • Discussion Topics: The upcoming discussions will focus on the status of the Nepal-China border, addressing any existing disputes, scheduling joint border inspections, and establishing a formal border management system.
  • Border Length: Stretching 1,389 kilometers, the Nepal-China border has historically remained peaceful.

This meeting comes at a time when Nepal has recently raised concerns about potential border encroachments by China. Open communication on border issues is crucial for maintaining a stable and cooperative relationship between Nepal and China.

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