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Nepal: Caution Advised as Narayani River Levels Surge

July 11, 2024
Narayani River

The water level in the Narayani River has risen significantly due to continuous rainfall in Nepal’s Gandaki province. As of Thursday afternoon, the water level at Devghat, the confluence of East Nawalparasi, Chitwan, and Tanahu districts, has reached 7.62 meters, exceeding the caution level of 7 meters.

The Department of Water and Meteorology (DHM) has issued a cautionary advisory for residents in the Nawalparasi and Chitwan areas surrounding the Narayani River. The increased water level is a result of heavy rainfall that began on Wednesday and intensified significantly on Thursday afternoon.

This rise in water level comes after a period of drier weather that ended last Tuesday. The DHM is urging residents to exercise caution and stay alert for potential flooding.

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