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Wild Mushroom Consumption Kills Chepang Family Member in Makwanpur, Nepal

June 23, 2024
Wild Mushroom Makwanpur

A tragic incident occurred in Makwanpur, Nepal, where a member of the Chepang family passed away after consuming wild mushrooms.

Five Chepang family members became severely ill on Saturday evening after consuming mushrooms they collected from the forest. Dal Bahadur Chepang, 45, sadly passed away while being transported to Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan for treatment, as reported by Ram Bahadur Chepang, Ward Chairman of Raksirang-7.

The health of the remaining family members is critical. Jalimaya, Dal Bahadur’s wife, along with their daughters Renju and Siwana, and son Sushil are receiving treatment at Bharatpur Hospital.

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The Chepang community, to stave off hunger, relies on forest products like mushrooms, wild yams, and tuber roots. This unfortunately leads to accidental poisoning from wild mushrooms every year.

The geographically remote location of Raksirang creates challenges. Ward Chairman Chepang informed that while the incident occurred Saturday night, he only received news on Sunday due to limited telecommunication services and transportation options. This lack of timely information hinders medical treatment and can increase the risk of fatalities.

Fortunately, a non-governmental organization focused on sustainable development in Raksirang Rural Municipality has intervened. Project manager Anil Paudal confirmed they will cover the family’s medical expenses.

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