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Mukul Dhakal Calls for Investigation into Rabi Lamichhane

July 11, 2024
Mukul Dhakal

A day after losing all his positions within the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), leader Mukul Dhakal criticized party chair Rabi Lamichhane, calling for investigations into Lamichhane’s dual passport case and alleged fraud in cooperatives.

Dhakal’s Standpoint:
Speaking at a press conference, Dhakal emphasized the need for a high-level committee within the party to investigate the accusations against Lamichhane, who also serves as deputy prime minister and home minister. Dhakal noted that the Supreme Court has already ordered an investigation into Lamichhane’s involvement in the cooperative case.

“Initially, I supported him in the dual passport issue, thinking he didn’t know the laws well. Now, the party must look into this matter since it affects our future,” Dhakal stated. He stressed the importance of an independent investigation, given the Supreme Court’s direction for an inquiry into Lamichhane’s alleged cooperative fraud.

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Accusations Against Lamichhane:
Lamichhane is accused of holding both Nepali and American passports. Although the Nepal Police investigated and found no need for a case due to the deactivation of Lamichhane’s old Nepali citizenship, the allegations persist. Additionally, Lamichhane, a former TV host, is accused of embezzling money in collaboration with TV channel co-founder GB Rai.

Dhakal’s Removal and Reaction:
The RSP recently stripped Dhakal of his roles as general secretary, central committee member, and spokesperson, citing breaches of party discipline. Dhakal claims he was not given a chance to clarify, which he argues violates the Political Parties Act.

Dhakal expressed his concern, stating, “I won’t cling to my position forcefully. But the party has lost its direction because of Rabi Lamichhane. That’s my only concern.” He accused the RSP of becoming a “Rabi Lamichhane club” and urged a return to proper party principles.

Dhakal’s recent media criticisms of the RSP’s actions followed a nationwide consultation he led after the April by-elections. His proposal highlighted the need for the RSP to expand beyond being seen as Lamichhane’s party.

This internal conflict within the RSP showcases the growing tensions and differing visions for the party’s future. As the situation unfolds, the party’s response and the results of any investigations will be crucial in determining the next steps for both Dhakal and Lamichhane.

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