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Why Leonardo DiCaprio is Opposing Dam Construction in Nepal’s Sacred Landscape?

June 19, 2024
Leonardo DiCaprio

Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio is raising his voice to protect a pristine region in Nepal. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation founder, known for his work on tiger conservation, has expressed concern over the proposed dam construction in the Lungba Samba Biocultural Heritage Special Conservation Zone.

DiCaprio argues that building dams in this region would violate the Lungba Samba Act, established in 2020 by the local government. This act specifically prohibits destructive practices like hydropower development, road construction, and mining to safeguard the unique cultural and ecological heritage of the area.

“These dams would be a clear violation” of the local act, DiCaprio stated, urging the Lhomi, Singsa, and Bhote communities to become stewards of this critical landscape.

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Endangered Species and Sacred Rivers Threatened

The proposed dams pose a significant threat to the region’s biodiversity. The Lungba Samba area is home to endangered species like Snow Leopards and Red Pandas. Furthermore, the Chhujung, Chhunjam, and Bakhang rivers flowing through the region hold deep spiritual significance for the Lhomi, Singsa, and Bhote communities, who depend on them for their livelihoods and cultural practices.

Local Communities Seek Intervention

DiCaprio amplifies the voices of these indigenous communities, who are urging Nepal’s Supreme Court to intervene and halt the dam construction plans. These communities rely on sustainable practices like farming and collecting medicinal herbs, living in harmony with the environment.

The actor’s statement highlights the potential devastation these dams could bring to a unique and irreplaceable ecosystem. It remains to be seen if DiCaprio’s influence and the local communities’ efforts will be enough to protect the sacred rivers and endangered wildlife of the Lungba Samba Biocultural Heritage Special Conservation Zone.

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