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Lalitpur Scooter Rider Killed in Truck Crash

June 17, 2024
Lalitpur Accident

A Monday evening commute turned deadly in Lalitpur as a scooter rider lost his life in a collision with a truck.

The incident occurred on the route between Koteshwar and Gwarko. A scooter traveling in the same direction as a truck was struck by the larger vehicle.

The victim, identified as 35-year-old Ramesh Kumar Pandey of Bhaktapur Suryabinayak (originally from Sindhuli Tinpatan rural municipality), was critically injured in the accident. Sadly, despite being rushed to B&B Hospital for treatment, Mr. Pandey succumbed to his injuries.

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Lalitpur Police Spokesperson SP Naresh Raj Subedi confirmed the details of the accident and reported that the truck driver is currently in police custody at the district headquarters. The truck involved in the collision has been identified with registration number 02-3-0010 KHA 5357, while the scooter bore registration number BA 83 PA 8178.

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