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Kawasoti Drain Collapse: Agreement Reached After Protests, 10 Points Address Worker Deaths

June 14, 2024
Kawasoti in Outrage

Following the heartbreaking incident in Kawasoti, East Nawalparasi, where three women lost their lives after a drainage trench collapsed on Thursday, a 10-point agreement has been reached between the local administration and residents.

The atmosphere surrounding the Kawasoti Municipality office remained tense on Friday. This came after outrage erupted over the accident, leading to protests and vandalism of the municipality office and Mayor Bishnu Prasad Bhushal’s residence. Four police officers sustained minor injuries while attempting to control the situation.

The agreement, reached on Friday afternoon, aims to support the affected families and honor the deceased. Here are the key points:

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  • Commemoration: An inscription will be placed at the accident site to remember the deceased women.
  • Employment: A family member of each deceased worker will be offered employment with the municipality. Existing employment can also be transferred within the family.
  • Financial Aid: Each victim’s family will receive 5 lakh rupees in cash and an additional 5 lakh rupees deposited in a fixed account.
  • Education Support: The agreement ensures the children of the deceased will receive education materials and be supported in their studies up to grade 12.

The three women, identified as Seti Rana, Tanmaya Gaha, and Chameli Sinjali, were all residents of Kawasoti Municipality Ward 5. The incident occurred at Phalphul Chowk when the under-construction drainage trench caved in, burying them under the mud. Their bodies are currently at Madhyabindu Hospital.

Local anger stemmed from concerns about the municipality’s handling of the project. Residents allege that construction began during the monsoon season, proper safety measures were not implemented, and the work lacked sufficient oversight.

In response to the tragedy, Kawasoti Municipality declared a day of mourning on Friday and held an emergency executive committee meeting. The sewage disposal project, initiated in May through a consumer committee, was planned to run eastward from Kawasoti’s Thana Chowk.

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