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Karan Pariyar Wins Nepal Idol Season Five After Overcoming Adversity

June 23, 2024
Karan Pariyar

Karan Pariyar from Bardiya Jayanagar wins Nepal Idol Season Five after overcoming financial hardships and impressing judges with his humility and talent.

Karan Pariyar from Bardiya Jayanagar has been passionate about singing since childhood, gaining notable recognition in his school for his talent. Despite his enthusiasm, he never felt pressured to pursue it and eventually moved to Kathmandu.

Initially, Karan stayed with his father for three months but soon returned home due to financial constraints that prevented him from affording singing classes. When he faced hunger, a friend offered him shelter for three days. Karan then found work delivering carpet furnishing goods and camped in Kapan. Upon request, he began taking music classes at a center in Jorpati.

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On Saturday, Karan was crowned the winner of Nepal Idol Season Five. While working as a delivery person, he auditioned for Nepal Idol in Kathmandu, wearing slippers, and secured the golden mic. He shared his dream during the competition, saying, “I want to be a singer so that I can live in everyone’s rhythm.” He performed “Rato Ra Chandra Surya” with other golden mic recipients.

In the piano round, Karan performed “Malai Yo Zindagi Le Chot Diyo Gani Gani,” and in the gala round, he impressed the judges with “Ke Lat Lagyo Malai,” despite being in the danger zone when he reached the top 10. His humility and talent endeared him to many fans.

Among the judges, Nhyoo Bajracharya promised to compose a song for him. Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad also praised his performances. In the competition, Salomi Gurung was the first runner-up, Sachin Bishwakarma the second runner-up, and Mohit Bhujel the third runner-up.

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