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Kachankawal Farmers in Limbo After Chaite Paddy Fails to Sell

Local farmers recall a time when they could easily sell.
June 11, 2024
Kachankawal Farmers Paddy

Farmers in Kachankawal, Jhapa are facing a difficult situation after their Chaite paddy harvest, produced between March and April, remains unsold.

Local farmers recall a time when they could easily sell their harvest to local traders for prices ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 rupees per Mann (40kg). However, this year’s abundance has turned into a burden.

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One farmer, a member of the Paddy Sthan Superzone Coordinating Committee, expressed concerns about the increasing production due to government incentives. He emphasized the urgent need for the government to establish proper mechanisms to manage the surplus paddy.

Another farmer, cultivating Chaite paddy on roughly three bighas, estimated a yield of 250 Mann this year. He described how the initial price of 1,200 rupees per Mann plummeted to 900 rupees after the widespread harvest. He blames the fall on market saturation and mill refusals to buy due to high paddy volume. He further lamented that the price dropped by 300 rupees within a week, forcing him to sell a portion of his harvest at a significant loss due to high moisture content, which makes storage difficult.

The frustrations of Kachankawal farmers are compounded by the irony of Nepal simultaneously importing rice while domestic production goes to waste due to unfair pricing. Farmer Mishra highlighted this point, expressing the shared sentiment that increased production is meaningless without fair compensation.

The situation appears particularly concerning in light of the government setting a minimum support price for Chaite paddy in March 2023. This price was established at 2707.28 rupees per quintal (100 Kg) for paddy with 18% moisture content. The plan included adjustments for higher moisture content based on weight reduction. However, farmers are currently forced to sell their paddy below this minimum price, and some fear they may not be able to sell it at all.

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