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Council Meeting in Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolis Erupts in Chaos

June 24, 2024
Meeting in Jitpur Simara

A council meeting in Jitpur Simara, Bara, descended into chaos on Monday as elected representatives from the CPN-UML and the Democratic Socialist Party (LOSAPA) attempted to disrupt proceedings.

The meeting, intended to finalize policies, programs, and the budget for the sub-metropolis, had already been postponed twice due to a lack of quorum. Previously, representatives from the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML, LOSAPA, and United Socialists had boycotted the assembly, leaving only Mayor Rajan Paudel’s CPN Maoist Center party in attendance.

On Monday, Mayor Paudel attempted to proceed by lowering the quorum threshold to 25%, but this move was met with resistance from UML and LOSAPA representatives, who tried to block the vote.

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According to a local source, the Nepali Congress and United Socialist Party had agreed to participate at the last minute. However, with UML and LOSAPA objecting, the situation escalated into a clash.

A large number of police officers were deployed to the scene, but the meeting was ultimately unable to proceed.

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