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Jassita Gurung Defamation Controversy Erupts on “It’s My Show”

June 25, 2024
Jassita Gurung

The new season of Kantipur Television’s “It’s My Show,” now hosted by Oshin Sitaula, is facing a firestorm of criticism after an episode that aired three days ago. The episode featured actresses Swastima Khadka and Samragyee RL Shah as guests and has sparked outrage, particularly from actress Jassita Gurung.

Gurung took to Instagram to accuse the program of defamation. She questioned why the show discussed personal lives, especially those they don’t know about personally. She stated her disappointment in Swastima, Samragyee, and Sitaula, adding that she has always admired them professionally.

The controversy centers around a segment where Sitaula allegedly asked provocative questions. One question involved Samragyee naming Anmol KC’s ex-girlfriends under the threat of stripping if she failed. Swastima named two women, despite Anmol KC never publicly acknowledging any relationships.

Another point of contention arose when Sitaula asked Swastima about an actress who dated Dhiraj Magar before supposedly moving on to Anmol KC. Swastima named Jassita Gurung, with Samragyee adding a comment about Gurung dating another actor Pradeep Khadka in between, leading to laughter.

Following the episode, both Swastima and Samragyee apologized on Gurung’s Instagram post. However, the apologies, along with a supportive post-Samragyee reposted and later deleted, suggest underlying tensions.

Anmol KC also joined the criticism, condemning the show as disrespectful and urging a focus on character.

Meanwhile, Kantipur Television has yet to address the controversy. Fans have criticized Sitaula, labeling her as unfit to host the show previously led by Suraj Singh Thakuri.

With the social media fallout ongoing, viewers await further developments and official responses from those involved.

Abhinash Chaudhary

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