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Iraqi Social Media Influencer Om Fahad Killed in Baghdad

April 27, 2024
Om Fahad

BAGHDAD – Om Fahad, a popular Iraqi social media influencer, was shot and killed outside of her Baghdad home on Friday. The fatal attack occurred in the eastern Zayne neighborhood.

Iraq’s interior ministry confirmed the death, referring to Fahad as a “woman known on social networking sites.” The ministry released a statement announcing the formation of a specialized team to investigate the killing.

Fahad, born Ghufran Sawadi, was allegedly shot in her car by a lone gunman on a motorbike. According to an Iraqi security source who spoke to AFP, the assailant may have posed as a food delivery person. Al Hurra, a US-owned news agency, reports that a second woman was injured in the attack.

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Fahad gained popularity on TikTok with her videos showcasing dancing to pop music while wearing figure-fitting clothing, garnering a significant following. Last year, she faced a six-month prison sentence after a court deemed her videos to undermine “modesty and public morality.” This sentencing followed the government’s formation of a committee tasked with policing social media content and punishing creators they deem offensive.

“Iraqi authorities’ detention and creators on vague charges that do not justify the restriction of natural rights is extremely concerning,” the independent Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor stated at the time.

Recent reports indicate that a dispute between Fahad and another influencer, Dalia Naeem, had worsened shortly before Fahad’s death. Naeem, often called “Iraqi Barbie” for her cosmetic surgeries, allegedly threatened to disclose Fahad’s supposed relationships with senior Iraqi officials.

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