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How to Check SEE Result of 2080 Exam in 2024?

June 26, 2024
Check SEE Result

The National Examinations Board (NEB) is expected to release the SEE results for the exams conducted in March/April 2023/2024 (Chaitra 2080 BS) tomorrow at noon on June 27th. Here’s a breakdown of the various methods you can use to check your results, including how to access your marksheet.

Multiple Channels for SEE Results

Now, you can check your SEE results for 2080 conveniently from anywhere through websites, SMS, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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How to Check SEE Result of 2080?

Checking Online:

  • Websites: NEB has authorized specific websites to publish the SEE results for 2080. Visit any of these websites (official SEE site, NEB site, or NTC site) and enter your symbol number to view your result along with your mark sheet (downloadable in PDF format).
  • Steps:
    1. Go to your preferred website.
    2. Enter your symbol number and date of birth (if required).
    3. Click “Search” to view your results.

Checking with SMS and IVR:

  • Send an SMS in a specific format to the following shortcodes:
    • 1600 (Nepal Telecom)
    • 35001 (Sparrow SMS)
    • 34949 (Easy Service)
    • 34455 (Swift Technology)
    • 31003 (Aakash SMS)
  • Format: “SEE <space> Symbol Number”
  • Nepal Telecom users can also call 1600 and follow the IVR instructions to retrieve their results.

Viewing your SEE Marksheet:

While all the websites listed above provide your overall result and GPA, you’ll need to visit the official SEE website (result.see.gov.np/Result) to get the complete mark sheet with individual subject scores.


  1. Visit result.see.gov.np/Result.
  2. Select “2080 (80)” from the “Passed Year” menu.
  3. Enter your symbol number (numbers only, no alphabet).
  4. Enter your date of birth (B.S.) in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  5. Click “Search” to view your marksheet.

Important Note: The SEE results for 2080 (as of June 26, 2024) haven’t been published yet. This guide provides you with various methods to check your results once they are officially released.

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