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Koshi Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki Wins Vote of Confidence

This victory solidifies Karki's position as Chief Minister.
May 13, 2024
Hikmat Kumar Karki

Biratchowk, May 13 — Koshi Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki has successfully secured a vote of confidence in the Provincial Assembly today, garnering 57 votes in his favor and none against.

The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), holding five seats in the Assembly, chose to remain neutral during the vote. Notably, the opposition Nepali Congress boycotted the proceedings, leaving 62 lawmakers present in the 93-member assembly.

This victory solidifies Karki’s position as Chief Minister and enables his government to continue its agenda in the Koshi Province. The vote of confidence was a crucial test for Karki’s leadership, and its outcome reflects the support he enjoys within the assembly.

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The Nepali Congress’s boycott, while a significant political move, did not affect the final result, as Karki comfortably secured the required majority. The RPP’s neutral stance, however, highlights the complex dynamics within the Koshi Province Assembly.

With this vote of confidence, Karki’s government can focus on addressing the challenges facing the province and fulfilling its promises to the people.

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