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Heavy Rains Batter Central America, Leaving at Least 30 Dead

June 22, 2024
Heavy Rains Batter Central America

Central America is reeling from the effects of heavy rains this season, with at least 30 people confirmed dead across El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

El Salvador has been the hardest hit, with 19 fatalities reported by Luis Alonso Amaya, director of the national civil protection system. Tragically, two minors were among the dead after their home collapsed in the Soyapango district of San Salvador.

The heavy rains have also caused widespread damage in El Salvador, with authorities reporting over 1,500 incidents, including fallen trees, blocked roads, and the evacuation of more than 2,500 people.

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Guatemala has also seen its fair share of devastation. At least ten people have died, five have been injured, and nearly 400 have been forced to seek shelter due to the relentless downpours. The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction reports that hundreds of roads and schools have been affected, along with thousands of homes sustaining damage.

Honduras, while experiencing less severe casualties, has still recorded one death and over 6,000 people impacted by the rains. Nearly a thousand people have been evacuated to safer locations.

Experts believe the persistent rainfall is a result of multiple low-pressure systems converging over the region. The full extent of the damage remains to be seen, with concerns lingering as the rainy season continues.

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