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Hawk Tuah Girl Video Takes the Internet by Storm: Witty Reply Sparks Meme Frenzy

June 22, 2024
Hawk Tuah Girl Video

The internet has a new viral sensation, and her name is (possibly) Hailey Welch. Or at least, she’s known online as the “Hawk Tuah Girl.” It all started with a video posted by YouTubers Tim & Dee TV, where they interview people on the street about various topics.

In this clip, filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, Tim asks the million-dollar question: “What’s a trick in bed that drives a man crazy every time?” Welch’s response, delivered with a charming Southern accent, launched the meme into existence.

“Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thing,” she replies, the “hawk tuah” being a hilarious onomatopoeia for spitting.

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The clip quickly went viral on TikTok, with viewers cracking up at Welch’s quick wit and unique way of expressing herself. The phrase “hawk tuah” became an instant catchphrase, inspiring countless memes, videos, and even merchandise.

The identity of the Hawk Tuah Girl remained a mystery for a while, with some speculating it was TikTok user Elayna Robinson (who quickly denied it). Eventually, Tim & Dee TV themselves hinted at Welch being the woman in the video, and a merchandising company, Fathead Threads, confirmed they partnered with her to sell “Hawk Tuah” merchandise.

Whether Welch embraces her newfound internet fame or not, one thing’s for sure: the Hawk Tuah Girl has cemented her place in meme history.

Abhinash Chaudhary

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