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The Hawk Tuah Girl Identified and Already Selling Merch!

June 22, 2024
The Hawk Tuah Girl

The internet’s wait is over! The “Hawk Tuah” girl, who took the web by storm with her unforgettable interview response, has been identified (at least partially). Meet Hailey!

While the mystery surrounding her full name remains, Hailey is embracing her newfound fame. She’s partnered with Fathead Threads, a clothing brand in Tennessee, to sell official “Hawk Tuah” merchandise.

Looking to snag a piece of viral history? Head over to Fathead Threads to grab signed “Hawk Tuah” hats for $40. You can also find unsigned versions for $30.

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So, the Hawk Tuah craze continues in two ways:

  1. The identity reveals: While we know her first name is Hailey, the full mystery hasn’t been unraveled yet.
  2. The merch boom: You can now own a piece of the “Hawk Tuah” phenomenon with official merchandise.

Abhinash Chaudhary

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