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Hamster Kombat: Earn Big with Daily Combo and Daily Cipher

June 8, 2024
Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat, a popular tap-to-earn game on Telegram, is taking the world by storm! Here’s how you can maximize your earnings with the Daily Combo and Daily Cipher features. With over 100 million users, this game lets you play as a hamster CEO running a crypto exchange.

Daily Combo: Boost Your Treasury

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The Daily Combo offers a whopping 5 million free coins daily for active players. Here’s how to join:

  1. Each day, the game reveals three specific upgrades (e.g., “CEO,” “ETH pairs,” “License Nigeria”).
  2. Find and purchase or level up these upgrades before the day ends using your in-game coins.
  3. Check the “Mine” tab in the mini-app to locate these upgrades under categories like Markets, PR & Team, Legal, and Specials.


  • Boosts your in-game treasury for reinvestment.
  • Enhances passive earnings.
  • Gives you an edge for the upcoming token airdrop.

Daily Cipher: Quick Coin Grab

The Daily Cipher is a new feature offering 1 million free coins daily. Here’s how to crack the code:

  1. Tap the “Earn per tap” box three times on the main screen. This turns your hamster icon red and reveals the “Daily Cipher” box.
  2. Enter the daily term using Morse code. (e.g., “BTC” = long hold + 3 quick taps, long hold, long hold + tap + long hold + tap)


  • Quick and easy way to earn extra coins.
  • Increases resources for further investments.

Daily Combo vs. Daily Cipher: Know Your Options

FeatureFrequencyRewardParticipationEase of AccessBenefits
Daily ComboDailyUp to 5 million coinsPurchase/Upgrade specific itemsRequires more in-game activityBoosts treasury & passive earnings
Daily CipherDailyUp to 1 million coinsEnter Morse code termQuicker and simplerQuick way to earn extra coins

Tips for Earning More:

  • Stay informed: Follow social media or Telegram groups for Daily Combo/Cipher updates.
  • Smart investments: Use Daily Cipher coins for Daily Combo to maximize rewards.
  • Consistent participation: Engage in both activities daily for long-term wealth.
  • Game updates: Stay updated with game changes through the online community.

Why Use Daily Combo and Daily Cipher?

  • Enhanced game progression: More coins mean faster growth and higher in-game status.
  • Airdrop advantage: Higher earnings might translate to bigger benefits during the token airdrop.
  • Increased passive income: Regular investments boost passive income for continuous growth.

Keep in Mind:

  • Monetization risks: Be cautious of future monetization strategies that might affect real-money earnings.
  • Time commitment: Daily participation requires consistent effort.
  • Resource management: Balance spending and saving coins to avoid resource depletion.

Hamster Kombat offers exciting earning opportunities. By strategically using the Daily Combo and Daily Cipher, you can significantly boost your in-game wealth. Just be mindful of potential risks and maintain a balanced approach to enjoy the game and its rewards!

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