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Gandaki CM Surendra Raj Pandey Resigns Amid Political Turmoil

This move underscores Pandey's calculated efforts.
April 3, 2024
Surendra Raj Pandey

Surendra Raj Pandey, the Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, has tendered his resignation, marking a significant shift in Gandaki Politics. Pandey officially stepped down from his position, delivering his resignation to the state chief, Dilliraj Bhatta.

The decision comes amidst political upheaval triggered by the withdrawal of support from the Maoists on March 6th. Chief Minister Pandey, finding himself in the minority, faced the prospect of a vote of confidence in Parliament scheduled for April 4th.

However, instead of risking a potentially unfavorable outcome, Pandey opted for a strategic maneuver. By resigning from his post, he aims to clear the path for re-election, this time representing a larger political entity. This move underscores Pandey’s calculated efforts to secure a more stable position within the political landscape, given the uncertainties surrounding his current standing.

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