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FoNIJ Demands Resignation of Milan Limbu

April 1, 2024
FoNIJ Milan Limbu

The Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FoNIJ) has called for the resignation of its General Secretary, Milan Limbu, following his candidacy for Ilam-2 from the RSP in an upcoming by-election. The decision was made during a FoNIJ secretariat meeting held today.

FoNIJ contends that Limbu has not formally notified the organization of his candidacy. While FoNIJ bylaws allow members to join political parties, they prohibit holding electoral office.

The meeting wished Limbu well in the election while requesting he step down from his General Secretary position. Secretary Samir Balami, having received the most votes in the convention, has been appointed Acting General Secretary.

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A FoNIJ source indicates that failure to resign could result in Limbu’s dismissal. It’s worth noting that Limbu was previously expelled from the Maoist press center.

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