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Flash Floods and Landslides Cause Damage in Taplejung

June 16, 2024
Floods and Landslides in Taplejung

Heavy rains since Wednesday have triggered flash floods and landslides in Taplejung district, causing damage to vehicles and infrastructure.

Vehicle Swept Away by Flooded River

A Bolero jeep (number plate ME 1 JA 2579) traveling from Mitlung (Phungling municipality-11) towards the district headquarters was swept away by the overflowing Hiriya river near Hangdeva (Phungling municipality-9).

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District Police Office Taplejung inspector Kamal Kumar Lungeli reported that the driver managed to escape unharmed after the car was caught in a sudden mudslide. The vehicle was later deposited safely on the riverbank by the current.

Landslide Buries Another Vehicle

Another Bolero jeep (number plate ME 1 JA 2958) wasn’t as fortunate. This vehicle was buried by a landslide on the highway leading from Phungling headquarters to Pathibhara.

Deputy Superintendent of Police RaBi Rawal informed that a JCB was used to recover the buried vehicle. Fortunately, the driver was the only person in the car and escaped without injury.

Landslide Damages Infrastructure

The landslide also caused significant damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Locals reported that five electricity poles and three water pipes running from Kafle Pati to Sewaro Chowk were destroyed.

Police have warned that public toilets and nearby houses are at risk of further landslides. Residents in these areas have been advised to evacuate for their safety.

A team of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force personnel are currently working to clear the blocked road. Authorities are also coordinating with relevant agencies to address the damage caused by the landslides and flooding.

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