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Flight Halted at Biratnagar Airport Due to Flooded Parking Area

June 26, 2024
Biratnagar Airport Flood

Biratnagar Airport in Nepal has temporarily halted all takeoffs and landings due to flooding from the nearby Basta River. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, June 26th, when floodwaters inundated the airport’s parking area and taxiway.

“The overflowing water is being drained,” said Yubaraj Bhandari, information officer at the airport. “We are also conducting a technical inspection to ensure safe aircraft landing.” He added that flights will resume as soon as the water recedes and the risk of flooding subsides.

This is not the first time flooding has impacted Biratnagar Airport. In October 2022, the overflowing Kesaliya River, a tributary of the Basta, caused similar disruptions, leading to a five-day closure.

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