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Finland Celebrates Seventh Consecutive Year as World’s Happiest Country

March 20, 2024
Finland World's Happiest Country

HELSINKI, FINLAND – Finland has once again been crowned the happiest country in the world, according to the 2024 World Happiness Report. This marks an impressive seventh year in a row for the Nordic nation, solidifying its reputation for exceptional well-being.

Other Nordic countries also dominate the top rankings, with Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland securing spots within the top 10. The report indicates a strong correlation between Nordic social models and overall happiness levels.

In stark contrast, Afghanistan remains at the bottom of the list, reflecting the ongoing humanitarian crisis facing the nation since the Taliban’s return to power in 2020.

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The World Happiness Report gathers data from 143 countries and territories, asking residents to rate their lives on a scale of zero to ten. Factors considered in the ranking include GDP per capita, social support systems, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and levels of perceived corruption.

New Zealand, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Czechia, Lithuania, and the USA round out the top 20 happiest countries. Notably, Costa Rica and Kuwait made significant gains compared to previous years.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore ranks 30th, Japan 51st, Thailand 58th, Malaysia 59th, and China 60th. Nepal sits at 93rd place, while India lags at 126th. Pakistan ranks slightly ahead of India at 108th, and Sri Lanka at 128th.

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