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Family Loses Lives in Taplejung Landslide

June 14, 2024
Taplejung Landslide

Four members of the same family perished last night in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, Taplejung, after Landslide swept away their house. The victims have been identified as Rabin Limbu, Vice President’s 70-year-old father Ram Bahadur Limbu, 50-year-old mother Jam Maya Limbu, and their 9-year-old twin daughters Ganga and Jamuna Limbu.

A grief-stricken Vice President Limbu confirmed the loss to the media, stating that the flood also impacted two or three other families.

According to the Taplejung Police Office, the flood not only claimed human lives but also resulted in the death of 50 goats and 30 chickens. Initial reports suggest injuries to Yugen, a 40-year-old resident, and his 3-year-old daughter.

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Bhupend Chaunalagai, ward president, informed that the bodies of the Limbu family were recovered around 50 meters downstream from their residence and secured in a safe location.

The disaster appears to be a consequence of a landslide originating roughly 200 meters above the Limbu residence. The landslide’s force washed away the house, along with its occupants and over 70 cattle.

Authorities are responding to the situation. A team from the Siwwa police station is currently at the scene, with reinforcements deployed from the District Police Office under the leadership of Police Inspector Kamal Kumar Lungeli.

This incident marks the first major monsoon-related event in Taplejung this year. Floods and landslides in the same municipality also destroyed four wooden motorized bridges at various locations on Thursday night.

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