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EURO 2024 Fixtures: All Matches in Nepal Time

April 6, 2024
EURO 2024 Fixtures

Get the latest EURO 2024 fixtures in Nepal Time. See the tournament schedule, Germany’s opening match, and important dates.

Football fans across Nepal are eagerly anticipating the release of the official EURO 2024 fixtures in their local time zone. The tournament, hosted by Germany, will mark a historic occasion as the first time a unified Germany has hosted the UEFA European Championship.

Tournament Timeline

EURO 2024 promises a thrilling month of top-tier football. The tournament officially kicks off on June 14th, 2024, with the grand finale taking place on July 14th, 2024.

Germany’s Automatic Qualification

As the host nation, Germany has secured automatic qualification for the tournament. They will open the tournament on June 14th in a highly anticipated match at the Munich Football Arena.

Historical Significance

EURO 2024 has deep historical connections for Germany. West Germany previously hosted the event in 1988. Additionally, the country served as host for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Qualifying Play-off Semi-finals: March 21st, 2024
  • Qualifying Play-off Finals: March 26th, 2024
  • EURO 2024 Opening Game (Munich): June 14th, 2024
  • EURO 2024 Final (Berlin): July 14th, 2024

EURO Cup 2024 Fixtures in Nepali Time

All the Fixtures are in Nepal Standard Time (NPT).

Match (Day 1)DateNepal Time
Germany vs ScotlandJune 1500:45 AM
Hungary vs SwitzerlandJune 156:45 AM
Spain vs CroatiaJune 159:45 AM
Italy vs AlbaniaJune 1600:45 AM
Poland vs NetherlandsJune 166:45 PM
Slovenia vs DenmarkJune 169:45 PM
Serbia vs EnglandJune 1700:45 AM
Romania vs UkraineJune 176:45 PM
Belgium vs SlovakiaJune 179:45 PM
Austria vs FranceJune 1800:45 AM
Turkiye vs GeorgiaJune 189:45 PM
Portugal vs CzechiaJune 1900:45 AM

Here is the fixture list in a three-column table format with the date:

Match (Day 2)DateNepal Time
Croatia vs AlbaniaJune 196:45 AM
Germany vs HungaryJune 199:45 AM
Scotland vs SwitzerlandJune 2000:45 AM
Slovenia vs SerbiaJune 206:45 AM
Denmark vs EnglandJune 209:45 AM
Spain vs ItalyJune 2100:45 AM
Slovakia vs UkraineJune 216:45 AM
Poland vs AustriaJune 219:45 AM
Netherlands vs FranceJune 2200:45 AM
Georgia vs CzechiaJune 226:45 AM
Turkiye vs PortugalJune 229:45 AM
Belgium vs RomaniaJune 2300:45 AM
Match (Day 3)DateNepal Time
Switzerland vs GermanyJune 2412:45 AM
Scotland vs HungaryJune 2412:45 AM
Albania vs SpainJune 2512:45 AM
Croatia vs ItalyJune 2512:45 AM
France vs PolandJune 259:45 PM
Netherlands vs AustriaJune 259:45 PM
Denmark vs SerbiaJune 2612:45 AM
England vs SloveniaJune 2612:45 AM
Slovakia vs RomaniaJune 269:45 PM
Ukraine vs BelgiumJune 269:45 PM
Georgia vs PortugalJune 2712:45 AM
Czechia vs TurkiyeJune 2712:45 AM
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