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Wild Elephant Baby Found Dead in Sundarharaicha Morang

June 12, 2024
Wild Elephant Baby

A sad discovery was made this morning in Sundarharaincha-6, Morang when a wild elephant baby was found dead. The male elephant, estimated to be around 5-6 years old, was located within a banana plantation belonging to Bhaktaraj Limbu, close to the local Durga Mandir toll.

Amrit Bilash Panta, chief officer of the Lati Jhoda Sub Division Forest Office, is leading the investigation into the cause of death. The cause remains unknown at this time. Panta noted a minor injury near the calf’s neck, but no other visible wounds were apparent.

A team from the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary is on their way to the site to assist with the investigation.

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