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Dowry Dispute Cancels Birgunj Wedding; Five Arrested

March 12, 2024
Dowry Dispute Birgunj Weeding
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In a disheartening repetition of a familiar narrative, Parsa has once again become the backdrop for a regrettable incident involving a canceled wedding due to dowry disagreements. This time, the spotlight is on Umesh Sah, a 26-year-old computer operator employed in the health department of Birgunj Metropolitan City, a prominent economic center in the country.

Umesh Sah, a resident of Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city in Bara with four properties to his name, made the difficult decision to call off his impending marriage because the anticipated gold chain was not provided as part of the dowry. The bride’s party disclosed that before the wedding ceremony, Sah had agreed to a substantial dowry, including 1.2 million in cash, 325 thousand for a motorcycle, a laptop, a gold ring, and a gold Hanumani garland.

The turning point occurred on a Monday evening, as Sah, accompanied by friends and family, gathered at Birgunj Ranighat for the marriage ceremony. To the surprise of attendees, the wedding was abruptly canceled when the bride’s side failed to present the expected gold chain. Umesh Sah, the groom, is the son of Bachalal Sah from Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city-4 in Bara and had planned to marry a girl from his caste in Birgunj-24 Ranighat on Falgun 28.

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Adding an official confirmation to the unfolding drama, Parsa police spokesperson DSP Kumar Bikram Thapa acknowledged the incident. Furthermore, the Sripur police station has taken prompt action, arresting five individuals connected to the episode.

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