Dolfu Villagers Robbed by Armed Thugs in Mugu

May 27, 2024
Mugu Dolfu Robbery

An armed robbery has shaken the remote village of Dolfu in Mugu district, Nepal. The incident occurred on Saturday evening, targeting homes while most villagers were away collecting Yarsagumba, a rare Himalayan herb.

According to Mugum Karmarong village council chairman Tshiring Kyapne Lama, the armed group took advantage of the village’s near-deserted state, with only elderly residents and children remaining. They ransacked 23 out of 50 houses, stealing cash, jewelry, and other valuables.

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The brutality of the attack extended to the village monastery’s priest, who was reportedly beaten by the robbers.

Chief District Officer Topendra KC confirmed dispatching a police team from Pulu Police Station, despite its five-hour distance from the remote village.

This incident is not an isolated one. Karma Tunduk Lama, Ward President of Mugum Karmarong-1, revealed that a similar robbery occurred last year during the Yarsagumba collection season.

The stolen items included gold, silver, old utensils, herbs, traditional jewelry, and clothing.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Birendra Thapa acknowledged the communication challenges due to the location’s remoteness, making it difficult to reach the deployed officers.

The targeted village, Mugum Karmarong-1, lies within the vicinity of forests and Patan-Se Phoksundo National Park. Yarsagumba collection permits for this area are set to begin on May 28th. Local residents reportedly left the village on May 23rd to venture into the Himalayas for the valuable herb.

This incident raises concerns about the safety of villagers during the Yarsagumba collection season, highlighting the need for improved security measures in remote areas.

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