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Dhangadhi Blood Bank Faces Critical Shortage

June 30, 2024
Dhangadhi Blood Bank

The Nepal Red Cross Society’s regional blood transfusion center in Dhangadhi is grappling with a critical blood shortage. Center Director Dharanidhar Pant warns that fulfilling urgent blood requests for patients is becoming increasingly difficult due to dwindling supplies.

Dhangadhi serves as a major medical hub for patients from far-western hilly districts seeking treatment for various illnesses. This puts immense strain on the blood bank, causing immense hardship for patients’ families who often struggle to find the necessary blood type.

Compounding the issue is a recent decline in blood donation drives within the district.

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“We experience a shortage every summer,” says Director Pant. “The Blood Communication Center reports a significant lack of A-positive blood in particular. Even with our efforts to locate donors and provide blood, the delay can be life-threatening for some patients.”

This lack of readily available blood is impacting surgical procedures, with some being postponed due to insufficient supply. The center typically provides 50 to 60 blood units daily.

Yashoda Upreti

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