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Devastating Floods and Landslides Batter Nepal: Death Toll Mounts

July 10, 2024
Floods Nepal

Nepal grapples with the devastating aftermath of incessant monsoon rains that have triggered widespread floods and landslides across the country.

Since June 10th, 2024, a total of 83 people have tragically lost their lives. This grim statistic includes 33 men, 25 women, and 25 children.

Central Police Spokesperson, Deputy Inspector General Dan Bahadur Karki, confirmed that 116 individuals have sustained injuries during the floods. Search and rescue efforts continue for five missing individuals, including two men and three women.

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The relentless rains have caused significant property damage. According to police reports, 139 houses and 54 sheds have been damaged, displacing a total of 858 families. Additionally, one school, two government buildings, and 41 bridges have been washed away.

The flooding has also impacted agriculture, with 116 acres of land buried. Economic losses are estimated to be around Rs. 10 crore 70 lakhs and 40 thousand.

Nepal’s police force has mobilized 5,428 officers to assist with rescue efforts and provide aid to those affected by the floods.

This devastating situation highlights the urgent need for continued rescue efforts, damage assessment, and support for displaced communities.

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