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Damak City Undergoes Major Cleanup of Power Lines and Poles

May 11, 2024
Damak City Power Lines and Poles

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has embarked on a significant project to remove unorganized wires and electric poles in Damak city. This initiative aims to enhance the city’s aesthetics, improve electrical service reliability, and reduce electrical accidents.

Paritosh Kumar Choudhary, head of the NEA’s fire distribution center, stated that the project involves removing haphazardly hanging internet, telephone, and television wires from electric poles. The NEA is focusing on organizing wires and equipment attached to its poles, ensuring proper spacing and height from walkways to meet safety standards.

Additionally, the project will involve the removal of 290 poles that do not comply with road standards. Choudhary explained that these poles were previously used to relocate wires from larger poles during underground cable installation.

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The NEA is urging businesses to transfer their cables, internet, and TV wires to new poles provided by the Damak Municipality. Non-compliance with this request within a specified timeframe will result in the NEA removing the equipment at the service provider’s expense, as per the Nepal Electricity Authority Act 041.

Mayor Ram Kumar Thapa of Damak emphasized the importance of this initiative for the city’s safety and visual appeal. He noted that the haphazard use of electric poles for various devices has led to electrical accidents and disruptions in service.

The project is part of a broader effort to install electricity poles on both sides of the road in the market area, further enhancing the organization of the city’s electrical infrastructure. With 32 companies operating wiring services in Damak, this initiative is crucial for a safer and more visually appealing urban environment.

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