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Cultural and Business Festival Opens in Chitwan on Narayani Riverbank

March 3, 2024
Festival Opens in Chitwan

The District Coordination Council of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), Chitwan, is hosting the first-ever “Indigenous Cultural and Business Festival-2080” on the banks of the Narayani River. The festival will run from March 22nd to 31st, celebrating Visit Bharatpur Year 2024.

NEFIN Chitwan President Mahendra Dura highlights the festival’s goals: promoting awareness of indigenous culture and highlighting the diverse ethnic identities within the region. Over 200 commercial exhibition halls will showcase local products.

Organizers anticipate an attendance of 200,000 people. Chitwan is home to 17 indigenous communities, including Tharu, Chepang, Tamang, and Gurung, all of whom will have the opportunity to display their unique costumes and cultural traditions.

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The festival also aims to boost the local economy by promoting and selling agricultural, herbal, and mineral products from the district. Bharatpur Municipal Corporation is the event’s patron.

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