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Clash During Ram Navami Procession in Biratnagar

April 17, 2024
Ram Navami Biratnagar Fight

Biratchowk, Nepal – A clash erupted in the Rani area of Biratnagar on Wednesday afternoon, causing significant tension. The conflict arose after a Ram Navami procession, celebrating the Hindu festival, was interrupted by another group.

The dispute reportedly began between Ward No. 15 and 17 of Biratnagar. Residents state that one group deliberately obstructed the procession, leading to a heated confrontation.

Police intervened to control the escalating situation, resorting to the use of force. Morang Superintendent of Police Nabaraj Karki confirmed that aerial firing and tear gas were deployed to disperse the crowds.

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The situation is now stabilizing, with both groups dispersed and a heavy police presence maintained in the Rani area. Authorities are working to prevent further escalation and to identify the cause of the initial disruption.

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