Chobhar Dry Port Springs to Life

March 26, 2024
Chobhar Dry Port

After a two-year wait, the state-of-the-art Chobhar Dry Port in Kathmandu is finally a hub of activity. The bustle of customs clearance is evident, with some two hundred cars awaiting processing. Entrepreneurs like Bibhor Kumar Agrawal, who is importing Italian cosmetics, are already reaping the benefits of the streamlined services.

A significant breakthrough came with the recent agreement with the NADA Automobiles Association, enabling new vehicle customs clearance directly at Chobhar. This development has proven to be a magnet for businesses seeking efficiency.

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The Chobhar Dry Port marks a departure from Nepal’s 14 other dry ports, primarily located along the Chinese and Indian borders. Its strategic proximity to Kathmandu’s main market offers unparalleled convenience.

The port’s features are designed to optimize the import process. Business owners have dedicated storage that doubles as internal depots, along with godowns, racks, and equipment for seamless loading and unloading. CCTV, security, container management, and even on-site banking create a comprehensive customs clearance ecosystem.

“The Chovar Dry Port has the potential to be a game-changer,” remarks Ashish Gajurel, its Executive Director. However, he emphasizes the need for direct imports to the facility to fully realize its potential. Gajurel envisions the upcoming expressway as a key factor in streamlining logistics, reducing current transportation hurdles for businesses.

With the capacity to handle 500 containers, the Chobhar Dry Port promises to reshape Nepal’s trade landscape.

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