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Chinese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Sun Weidong Arriving in Nepal for Diplomatic Visit

June 24, 2024
Chinese Foreign Affairs

Chinese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sun Weidong, is set to arrive in Nepal today for a three-day official visit aimed at strengthening bilateral relations and discussing key areas of cooperation between the two nations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal confirmed in a statement on Sunday that Sun Weidong will participate in the 16th meeting of the Nepal-China Diplomatic Consultation Mechanism. This significant meeting is scheduled to take place in Kathmandu on Tuesday and will serve as a platform for high-level discussions on various aspects of the Nepal-China partnership.

Leading the Nepalese delegation at the consultation will be Foreign Secretary Sewa Lamsal, accompanied by senior officials from multiple ministries. The agenda for the meeting includes a broad range of topics pertinent to both countries, highlighting the mutual interests and collaborative projects that define their diplomatic relationship.

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In addition to the diplomatic consultation, Vice Minister Sun Weidong is expected to hold separate meetings with President Ramchandra Paudel and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda.’ These discussions are anticipated to cover important bilateral issues, reinforcing the commitment to enhancing cooperation and understanding between Nepal and China.

The Deputy Foreign Minister’s visit underscores the importance of Nepal in China’s foreign policy and the ongoing efforts to bolster regional ties. Sun Weidong’s itinerary reflects a balanced approach to diplomacy, focusing on both formal consultation mechanisms and high-level bilateral engagements.

Sun Weidong is scheduled to depart from Nepal on June 26th, concluding his visit after what is expected to be a series of productive and forward-looking discussions.

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