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Biratnagar Wedding Murder Suspect Arrested

June 20, 2024
Biratnagar Wedding Murder

Police have arrested a suspect in the fatal stabbing of a young man during a wedding ceremony in Biratnagar.

The victim, 23-year-old Aklesh Kumar Yadav of Duhabi Municipality-12, Sunsari, was a guest at the wedding when he was attacked on Wednesday night. According to Morang District Police Chief SP Nawaraj Karki, Aklesh was stabbed by 24-year-old Ganesh Yadav, a resident of Biratnagar-4.

Police are investigating the motive behind the attack. SP Karki stated that an argument occurred between the two men during a dinner on Wednesday evening, escalating into a verbal altercation and ultimately the stabbing. Aklesh reportedly attempted to leave on his motorcycle when he was stabbed.

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Suspect Arrested

Following the incident, Ganesh fled the scene. However, a swift police operation led to his arrest on Thursday afternoon in Laukahi as he attempted to escape to India.

Tragic Loss

Aklesh was rushed to Nobel Teaching Hospital with a serious stab wound on his left side but succumbed to his injuries during treatment on Thursday.

This arrest brings some closure to Aklesh’s family and friends, but the senseless violence of this crime leaves a deep scar. The investigation into the motive for the attack continues.

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