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Biratnagar Wards Floods After Heavy Rains, Over 300 Houses Affected

June 26, 2024
Biratnagar Wards Flood

Biratnagar Metropolitan City in Morang is facing severe waterlogging issues due to heavy rains. Wards 5, 6, 11, and 12 are particularly affected, with floodwaters entering homes and disrupting daily life for residents.

“Developed settlements in Ward 12 have been heavily impacted,” said Ward President Hiralal Kamat. “We are currently making arrangements to relocate those affected to safer shelters.”

Similar reports emerged from Ward 5, where Ward President Santosh Neupane confirmed flooding in Bishal Chowk, Samjhana Chowk, and Prithvi Chowk. “Over 300 houses have been inundated by the rising waters,” Neupane stated.

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The situation appears widespread, with water overflowing from Rajbanshi Chowk in Ward 4 as well. Schools and community buildings within these wards are being readied as temporary shelters for displaced residents.

Authorities clarified that floodwaters haven’t breached settlements in all areas; however, poor drainage has caused rainwater to accumulate and submerge streets and low-lying areas. The Munalpath section of the Koshi Highway is also experiencing waterlogging due to drainage issues.

The Department of Weather Forecast reports consistent rainfall across Koshi, Madhesh, Bagmati, Gandaki, and Karnali provinces for the past few hours. Heavy rain has been observed in isolated locations. The department has issued a precautionary warning, advising residents in these areas to be vigilant as further heavy rainfall might cause damage.

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