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Birat Gold Cup Trust Struggles to Organize Tournament, Reduces Prize Money

March 20, 2024
Birat Gold Cup Trust

BIRATNAGAR, Nepal – After a series of organizers backed out, the Birat Gold Cup Trust faces challenges in staging the Mahendra Gold Cup football tournament. The trust itself will organize this year’s edition with a reduced prize pool and without the participation of the previous winners and runners-up.

The tournament’s financial difficulties stem from several factors:

  • No Dedicated Organizer: After the 2072/2073 tournament was canceled, industrialists and businessmen who previously organized the event declined to take on the role.
  • Losses Incurred: Last year’s organizer, led by Biratnagar Metropolitan Mayor Nagesh Koirala, cited significant financial losses as their reason for not providing funds to the trust.
  • Reduced Prize Money: As a result, the trust has slashed the prize money in half. This year’s winner will receive 11 lakhs compared to last year’s 20 lakhs.

Despite appeals, no industrialists or businessmen were willing to step in as organizers, forcing the trust to manage the event directly.

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Key Details:

  • Dates: The eighth edition of the tournament will run from Chait 15th.
  • Participants: 10 clubs will participate, including two from India, one from Bhutan, and seven Nepalese teams.
  • Financial Support: The Biratnagar Metropolitan City has pledged 22 lakhs for maintenance and tournament expenses. The trust is seeking additional sponsors.

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