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Bagmati Province Expands Cabinet with 4 new Ministers

April 2, 2024
Bagmati Province

Bagmati Province Chief Yadav Chandra Sharma administered the oath of office and secrecy to four new ministers representing the CPN-UML party. The newly appointed ministers are Keshav Pokharel, Prakash Shrestha, Rameshwar Shrestha, and Eklal Shrestha.

The ministerial portfolios have been designated as follows:

  • Prakash Shrestha: Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Land Administration
  • Keshav Pokharel: Ministry of Forest and Environment
  • Eklal Shrestha: Ministry of Water Supply, Energy and Irrigation
  • Rameshwar Shrestha: Ministry of Health

The Bagmati Province Council of Ministers now includes 13 members across 12 ministries, including the Chief Minister. This expansion occurs despite an agreement within the ruling coalition to limit the government to 11 ministries. Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel’s earlier appointment of Rama Ale Magar (CPN-Unified Socialist) as a minister without portfolio has created dissatisfaction within the CPN-UML.

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