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Nepal’s First Animated Movie ‘Salina’ Announces Release Date

February 15, 2024
Salina Animated Nepali Movie

Nepal’s first animated movie, ‘Salina’, has its release date confirmed for Chait 16th, coinciding with Saraswati Puja. The film will be distributed by Manoj Rathi and Ujwal Paudel on behalf of Banktes Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

A groundbreaking achievement for Nepali cinema, ‘Salina’ is the first animated feature film made entirely using Nepali technology and in the Nepali language. The film relies solely on voice acting to bring its characters to life.

‘Salina’ tells the story of Princess Salina, who embarks on a challenging journey and undergoes extensive training to defeat a formidable demon.

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Produced by Rainmaker Animation Academy, a renowned animation and visual effects academy located in Balaju, Kathmandu, the film showcases their expertise. The academy has provided 3D animation and visual effects training for the past decade.

Directed by Tejasraj Joshi, ‘Salina’ features the work of talented graphic artists Sagun Maharjan, Avinash Singh Tharu, and Shirbha Manandhar.

Movie Cast:

  • Benisha Khatiwada
  • Aditi Gyawali
  • Ezme Kuikel
  • Jharna Rai
  • Tejasraj Joshi
  • Sushil Nepal
  • Dev Neopane
  • Shiv Puri
  • Yuvin Pujari
  • Juna Thapa
  • Kumar Neopane
  • Prakash Adhikari
  • Roshan Bhatt
  • Sagun Maharjan
  • Avinash Singh Tharu
  • Shirbha Manandhar

Voice Cast:

  • Biraj Khadka
  • Lajna Shrestha
  • Shruti Shrestha
  • Sudhishma Shrestha
  • Sunina Shakya
  • Krishna Rajkarnikar

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