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Afghan Police Seize 1.5 Tons of Drugs, Arrest 120 Suspects in Nimroz

June 29, 2024
Afghan Police Seize

Afghan police have seized 1,500 kilograms of illicit drugs, including opium and heroin, and arrested 120 suspected drug smugglers in Nimroz province over the past six months, according to a provincial police statement on Saturday.

The statement provided no further details, only saying that the cases of the suspects have been referred to the judiciary for further investigation and possible legal proceedings, Xinhua news agency reported.

Afghan authorities have intensified their crackdown on illicit drugs and those involved in the trade.

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Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has dropped by an estimated 95% since the country’s caretaker government imposed a drug ban in April 2022, according to a report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime issued last November.

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