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ACC Premier Cup Remaining Fixtures Nepal Time

April 15, 2024
ACC Premier Cup

As the highly anticipated T20 ACC Premier Cup tournament reaches its critical group stage, the standings in both Group A and Group B are taking shape. With several key matchups on the schedule, teams are jockeying for a position to secure a spot in the knockout rounds.

In Group A, Nepal currently leads the group with 2 wins and no losses, putting them in a prime position to advance. However, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia are hot on their heels, each with 2 wins as well. Hong Kong and Qatar round out the group. Notably, group leader Nepal will face off against Hong Kong on April 15th in a pivotal matchup.

Over in Group B, Oman has emerged as the frontrunner, securing 2 wins from their first 2 matches. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are locked in a tight battle for second place, while Bahrain and Cambodia will be looking to gain some momentum and potentially spring a surprise. On the same day, Oman will take on the UAE in another highly anticipated clash.

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With only a few matches left in the group stage, every point will be crucial as teams seek to position themselves for a deep tournament run. Fans can look forward to high-stakes clashes that could determine the fate of several nations’ campaigns. The action is sure to be intense as the race to the knockout stage heats up in the coming days.

ACC Premier Cup Upcoming Fixtures in Nepal Time.

These are the matches happening today and up to April 17th.

DateMatchesNepal Time
April 15, 2024Nepal vs Hong Kong11:45 AM
April 15, 2024Malaysia vs Qatar11:45 AM
April 15, 2024Kuwait vs Bahrain4:15 PM
April 15, 2024UAE vs Oman4:15 PM
April 16, 2024Qatar vs Saudi Arabia11:45 AM
April 16, 2024Bahrain vs Cambodia4:15 PM
April 17, 2024Nepal vs Saudi Arabia11:45 AM
April 17, 2024Hong Kong vs Malaysia11:45 AM
April 17, 2024Oman vs Kuwait4:15 PM
April 17, 2024UAE vs Cambodia4:15 PM

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